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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantCancer Fighting Mushroom: Agaricus Blazei Murril

Dear Janice,
What can you tell me about Agaricus Blazei Murril mushrooms? Is it true that they can help prevent cancer?

In 1965, Professor Synden at Pennsylvania State University and Dr. Lambert of the Lambert Research Laboratory discovered the ingredients of agaricus blazei murril mushrooms. In Japan, the anti-tumor properties of the agaricus blazei mushrooms were presented by the Japanese Cancer Association in 1980. Thereafter, the Japanese Cancer Association, Japan Society for Agricultural Chemistry, the Japanese Pharmacological Society, the Food Science Engineering Society of Japan, and representatives of various other fields highlighted the role of agaricus mushrooms in helping to prevent the increase, spread and recurrence of cancer cells. What resulted was the confirmation by researchers at such institutions as the University of Tokyo Medical Department, the National Cancer Research Center, and the Tokyo College of Pharmacy, of the anti-cancer effectiveness of agaricus blazei murril mushrooms having four times that of Reishi, a popular mushroom long used for aiding cancer prevention.

In order to live a long and healthy life amid an ever-changing environment, Noevir introduces
Agaricus XP, a nutritional supplement derived from the agaricus blazei murril mushroom, which is known for its ability to help correct and strengthen the functions of the immune system.

Disease-causing bacteria and viruses, polluted air, pollen, harmful substances in food additives, and other harmful invaders constantly surround our bodies. Our bodies come equipped with the ability to purge out the invasion of such foreign invaders. Immunity refers to this defensive system that the body contains. Lowered immunity makes the body more susceptible to the invasion of foreign matters and thus, more susceptible to disease. It is easy to catch a cold when physical exhaustion weakens the body because immunity levels become lower with physical tiredness. Immunity lowers with age and dietary changes (high-cholesterol and high-calorie diet, residues of agricultural chemicals, food additives), environmental factors (air pollution, gas exhaust, and electromagnetic waves), and stresses also help to destroy the necessary balance for immunity. To maintain health and prevent the invasion of disease, it is very important for our bodies to keep immunity at an effective level.

Immunity is a system that recognizes and removes alien substances or substances foreign to our normal conditions. In addition to the fore mentioned viruses and other "foreign invaders", three are also "inner invaders" that the body gives birth to. Our bodies regularly carry out cell division but during gene mutation can produce abnormal or cancer cells. Because cancer cells are very similar to normal cells, it is difficult to recognize them. They easily escape the immunity traps, and it takes time to determine whether the cancer cells have caused disease. Cancer cells do not grow all of a sudden. Starting with a single abnormal cell, it multiplies and takes years until cancer can be detected in an individual. There is always a possibility of cancer cell production every time cell division takes place, but having a normal level of immunity can suppress the increase and spread of cancer cells by destroying them as soon as they are produced. Among the current cancer treatments, immunotherapy, which strengthens the natural immunity functions of our bodies to fight against cancer cells together with other treatments, has shown to be very effective.

Noevir Agaricus is grown in Taiwan which has the most ideal temperature, humidity and soil for quality harvest. No agricultural chemicals are used. Noevir has super extraction technology which yields high concentration of effective ingredients. Noevir Agaricus activates and strengthens the immune system. Polysaccharide Protein Compounds in Agaricus activate macrophage and killer T cells and is highly absorbable. One packet which contains 135 mg is equivalent to 9 pieces of dry agaricus blazei murill mushroom. 540 pieces or 3.6 lb. (1620 g) of dry agaricus is contained in each box.

Recommended Usage: Take 1 to 2 packets a day for 60 days (Two months required to build up immune system). If taking 2 a day, take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon (divide for better absorption). Take at least 1 box per year for a healthy person (those who have reasons for having lowered immune system should take two boxes or more. Example: Jan-Feb and Jul-Aug.)

Testimonial from an Agaricus XP user:

My family and I are thoroughly impressed with Agaricus. My dad fell flat on his face two days ago with a sudden onset of the flu. Could barely lift his arms he was so exhausted (plus stressed out), with a high fever, burning eyes, I was so worried I even called the paramedics (his vitals were fine, so they left). I gave him everything under the sun, supplements, etc. He was better with all of that. But the clincher was when I gave him two sticks of Agaricus in warm water last night (24 hours after onset). Before even finishing his cup, he started sweating (the fever broke) and was sprightly up and about, eyes sparkling and excited that he felt so good so quickly. He also slept like a baby last night (instead of his usual anxiety-filled insomnia - again, stress). SOOO, I want to promote Agaricus because it's worth every penny and more!

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