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By making the "Noevir Massage Step" part of your regular skincare routine, you are actually improving both your skin and the effects of your entire skincare regimen. This step is what makes Noevir different and why you see such amazing results. Learn how you can get the most benefit for your skin, in only a few minutes! 

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Noevir and the wonder of the Tokara Sea

Noevir researchers are aware that women divers in Japan have very beautiful skin.  Noevir is investigating the role of sea water minerals in this effect, and have discovered a close family resemblance between the minerals found in human blood and the minerals found in sea water. Noevir's Salt Masters extract pure minerals from the sea water leaving the minerals unchanged. Enhancing the benefits of nature thru science - Noevir's own proud tradition - is carried on in the uniquely effective Tokara Sea Mineral line of Noevir Hair Care and Body Products.  Watch this short video to learn more.

Recession proof your income with The Noevir Business Opportunity!

In today's economy, Noevir truly is the right opportunity at the right time. As a strong, stable company, we have now seen considerable growth for five consecutive years and we expect to continue this trend in the years to come. To take part in this growth, all you have to do is take action today and start building your business for life. More reasons to choose Noevir.

Noevir in the News: Noevir truly is the right opportunity at the right time—despite a slow economy.  While many companies are currently struggling through difficult financial times, Noevir continues to grow - both in sales, consultant numbers and global expansion.

Did you know? Despite the economy—direct selling companies are a force to be reckoned with! Noevir ranked #20 in the June 2010 edition of DirectSellingNews.

When times are tough, women prioritize appearance.  It makes you feel more confident - which you project!  Looking good when jobs are tight may actually be a business decision: as pressure increases, so does the need to seem totally on your game!  Noevir is your best hedge against aging!

Noevir in the News!

Noevir's luxurious Speciale Cream was recently recognized in the upscale Riviera Magazine. In its January issue, "The Best of Orange County", the publication descibed Speciale as a unique formula that provides results - "what every girl wants, a brilliant, youthful complexion." View the article here!

Noevir Ranks High in Leading Trade Publications

We’ve done it again! For the eighth consecutive year, Noevir has ranked among the top 50 beauty companies in the world by WWD Beauty Biz Magazine. A Fairchild publication, WWD Beauty Biz is the foremost industry periodical for beauty professionals, ranking the world’s largest cosmetics manufacturers by beauty sales.

Similarly, HAPPI (Household and Personal Products Industry) Magazine compiles an annual list of the top 30 companies in the industry around the world. Their August 2006 issue names Noevir an International Top 30 company for the fifth consecutive year.

Reserved for an exclusive few, Noevir's inclusion among the top industry brands is a tremendous honor. Read our latest press releases & media coverge here.

Reba McEntire Credits Noevir for Youthful Look

In the February 5th, 2008 edition of Good Houskeeping's "Quick & Simple", country superstar & host of the 43rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, Reba McEntire reveals the secrets behind her youthful complexion.  The Queen of Country credits her great looks to:

"...nightly makeup removal and an herbal facial cleanser from Noevir, the Japanese skin-care line, which she special-orders (noevirusa.com). "I've been using it for 16 years," she says. "I've tried other products, but I like it the best."

Read more about Reba's beauty tips!

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Free Skin Care Advice and Skin Care Tips

Keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful and radiant with useful skin care tips. Noevirmo.com and Noevir Consultant, Janice Markley, provide the best anti-aging skin care and beauty advice in bi-monthly skin care newsletters. 
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Free Beauty Sample and Consultation

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Free Gift with Purchase For Retail Customers!

To thank you for your order, I'll send a Noevir Lip Conditioner by US mail within 14 days of purchase. Sorry... trial packs & catalogs ordered alone do not qualify for free lip conditioner.
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Conference Call - Take your business to new & exciting heights!

Learn More About Noevir & Skin Care!

Join us and learn about...

  • The world’s finest personal care products.
  • Unlimited potential in growing your own business.
  • Beauty, health, travel and financial freedom

Just dial in! Call 1-866-962-6634 & enter the access code #738 33 418Email me for upcoming dates!  These calls are open to everyone who is interested & are cost free. A great way to learn about the company and our products.

Here's what my customers say about these conference calls:

"Janice, The Conference Call was awesome! What really got me motivated almost at a visceral level was when one of the ladies mentioned that as a consequence of earning a FREE trip to Japan to see the Noevir operations, she was riding the bullet train to Tokyo or whatever town... THAT would be awesome for me. I have always wanted to ride a fast speed commuter train. Strange motivator, but there you have it... Plus when that same person on the call mentioned that the president of Noevir served consultants the food. This tells me a great deal. I could never imagine good, gentle Mary Kay when she was living, serving any of her followers any grub!"

- Nalini

Save Money on your Noevir Purchases!

You have a choice buying Noevir. You can pay the Retail price (the price that is in the catalog/online) or you can enjoy a 30% discount by becoming a Noevir consultant (and Noevir offers a special one-time savings of 40% on selected products.)  You can build your business & sell Noevir to others, or just enjoy the savings for yourself!

For those consultants who are interested in enjoying a range of Noevir's quality products at an even higher discount, Noevir offers a 45% savings for a limited time on selected products! 

Email me for more information or click here to learn more about the business of Noevir.

Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care, Cosmetics and Nutritional Products from Noevir

The Noevir Difference is the carefully planned synergy of combining marine and botanical ingredients with the latest technology to create a unique and effective line of natural skin care products. Noevir incorporates active natural ingredients from the forest and the sea to create highly effective skin care products that blend science and nature.

Learn about the history and origins of this incredible skincare line in this informative video "Gifts from the Black Forest: Origins of Noevir Skincare".

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Start Your Own Home Based Business Selling Proven Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Consultant KitNoevir utilizes the latest research in the life sciences arena to develop natural skin care, cosmetics, proven anti-aging skin care products and nutritional products. More than 100 chemists - in Shiga and Kobe, Japan, as well as Montvale, New Jersey bring you high-performance products. Noevir's manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified.

We are so sure that Noevir's anti-aging products, natural skin care line, cosmetic & nutritional products will work for you that we give you our 90-day money-back guarantee. No hassle shopping with Noevir. In fact, you will love these products so much that you'll be interested in joining our network marketing program.

With Noevir, you can also build a business of your own and work from home...part-time or full-time income with your own Noevir business. For more information on Noevir direct sales opportunities, click on the link below.
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Did you know? Noevir ranks #19 worldwide in Direct Selling News' $100 Million Club, a comprehensive list of industry companies around the world with global wholesale corporate revenue of $100 million or more.  Here's what they reported:

20. Noevir Co. Ltd.
$613.9 million
Country: Japan

The Noevir Group consists of 13 companies, headed by Noevir Co. Ltd. in Japan. With five domestic—and eight international—subsidiaries, Noevir is developing a global business. The Noevir Group distributes its portfolio of brands through a variety of channels, including direct sales, retail and business to business.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $613.9 million
Marketing Style: Person-to-person, retail and business to business
Compensation Plan: Not available
Products: Skincare, body care, cosmetics and nutritional supplements
Markets: 8
Distributors: Not available
Employees: 1,085
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Year Founded: 1964
Stock Symbol: 4916/TYO SE

To the left: Mr. Oide, Janice and Al Markley. Janice is receiving her 15th Top Sponsor award!

Top Noevir Distributor/Top Noevir Consultant of North America and Top Sponsoring Noevir Consultant for 15 years, Noevir Independent Consultant, Janice Markley welcomes new and returning clients to this exciting anti-aging product from Japan. Contact Janice to learn more about Noevir and their direct sales program.

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Free Gift for Returning Consultants!

A special offer for returning Consultants!  If you were a Noevir consultant in the past and would like to re-activate your status, simply complete this form (Canadian consultants, please complete this form) & fax it to me at 417-743-3082. 

As a thank you, I'll send you Noevir's Raysela Body Protector SPF 30+ after your first order! This offer is only available through my website. 

Returning consultants are now able to re-register online.  Visit my Noevir store at http://www.noevirusa.com/janicemarkley or contact me for more details. 

Natural Skin Care Products for Spas and Salons

For qualifying professional Spas and Salons, Noevir now offers a charter program providing the exclusive, unprecedented opportunity to carry Japan’s premiere line of high-performance anti-aging skincare, cosmetic, hair care and bath & body products for client service and retail sales. Read More about Noevir's Spa/Salon Program.

Another Satisfied Customer Testimonial

"I just wanted to let you know that the more I work the "ritual" the more I love it...! Massaging makes so much sense. All the money I spent (wasted?) on Arbonne was worth it, just to find you and Noevir. My dissatisfaction with Arbonne led me to Noevir. I think cutting my losses is better than using up Arbonne products and samples. (As you can tell, I am struggling with what to do with excess Arbonne skin care products and samples since I cannot return them - the rest of the products are beyond the 45-day money back)...

The path through Arbonne brought me to Noevir. Even if I do not end up selling Noevir (for whatever reason; one never knows what life will bring), just using the products is a great reward...

So, thanks!!"

- Nalini, Illinois

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Cleansing Guide

New! Check out this great quick and easy guide on proper cleansing for beautiful skin

Great tips for proper cleansing using Noevir's foaming facial cleansers!

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"Hi, Janice, Just wanted to share with you that I received the nicest compliment about my skin today. I had a meeting this morning and afterwards my friend left me a message about how "pretty" my skin looked, so "smooth, hydrated and glowing." Wow. I felt awesome and knew you would appreciate the huge compliment that is to Noevir! I received a similar compliment not too long ago and have honestly never before felt that my skin was something people would notice as a positive trait!"


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